Everything you need to know about ROCKAGE2.0 from Eric Fanali.

what? ROCKAGE2.0 | 100+ retro video games | 25 live bands/ DJs
when? 2/8 3pm-11pm | 2/9 noon-11pm | 2/10 noon-11pm
where? San Jose Woman’s Club | 75 S 11th St Downtown San Jose, CA
who? Minibosses | Bit Brigade | Mega Ran | crashfaster | + more
who else? Good Hustle | San Francesca | Cartoon Bar Fight | Curious Quail
what else? retro bliss | food trucks | prizes | tournaments | drinks | panels
what’s the full schedule? http://is.gd/UPvBF0

3-day tickets? http://is.gd/7m3fG6
friday only tickets? http://is.gd/DQ3LF6
tickets at the door? Yes, bring $20 cash for one day. $30 for 3-day tix.

parking? Free on the street. $5 at San Jose State 10th Street garage.
public transit?
Caltrain to Diridon Station. Walk up Santa Clara Street.
? Not in the building. Check out 7-11 across the street.
is this event all ages appropriate? Yes, it is! Need to be 21+ to drink beer.
will I have fun if I go alone? Yes! It’s a perfect place to make new friends!
can I bring a camera? Yes, please do. Snap away!
where’s that Metro Newspaper article on rockage? http://is.gd/U1pGi8
after party on Friday 2/8? Yes! Blank Club 10pm-2am 21+ only $5
on Sunday, how much are tix for kids (12 & under): FREE on Sunday only!
will there be food available? Yes! Many different food trucks will visit.
which games will be there? So many games! Arcade/ pinball / consoles
will the PANIC PARK arcade game be there? Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes
what do I wear to rockage2.0? Deodorant.

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