Announcing the MAKE A SCENE SJ showcase at Rockage2.0 on 2/8/13.

MAKE A SCENE SJ is a South Bay all ages music movement encouraging young people to become more involved in their local music scene.

~ Performing Friday 2/8/13 ~ doors open at 3pm ~ music starts at 5pm

GOOD HUSTLE: notorious afrobeat idols from San Jose, supreme party starters

SAN FRANCESCA: electronic indie rock threesome from San Jose

CARTOON BAR FIGHT: gloomy indie folk ensemble from San Jose

CURIOUS QUAIL: folk pop gamer faction from San Jose

…and more!

Rockage 2.0 Tix: “Early bird” tix are on sale now! Grab a three-day pass for only $20 here. 3-day pass price goes up to $30 on 12/8. Single day tickets will be available at the door for $20 cash each day.

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    - Well guys. The cat’s out of the 16-bit bag. Rockage is coming. Not only will we be playing on Friday night with...
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    HELL. YES. Retro gamers + indie music lovers uniteee! We are so excited for this. You better fucking come out so I can...
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