JIMMY EAT WORLD + MINIBOSSES US TOUR 10/2 - 11/2 - tickets available now!

10/2 Ventura, CA – Ventura Theater - http://ticketf.ly/1nA2bTx
10/3 Sacramento, CA – Ace of Spades - http://bit.ly/1llJnL8
10/4 Oakland, CA – Oakland Metro Opera - http://tktwb.tw/T4pw7D
10/7 Denver, CO – Ogden Theater - http://bit.ly/1nA2rSC
10/10 Des Moines, IA – Wooly’s - http://ticketf.ly/1mh0gqg
10/11 Bloomington, IL – Castle Theater - http://ticketf.ly/1jaqPsx
10/12 Cincinnati, OH – Bogart’s - http://bit.ly/T4pJHR
10/13 Columbus, OH – Newport Music Hall - http://bit.ly/1sAL9wI
10/15 Washington, DC – 9:30 Club - http://ticketf.ly/1iADgD2
10/16 Stroudsburg, PA – Sherman Theater - http://bit.ly/T4pTig
10/17 Port Chester, NY – Capitol Theater - http://ticketf.ly/1qxcxYh
10/18 Providence, RI – Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel - http://bit.ly/1pwzbyw
10/20 Westbury, NY – Space at Westbury Hall - http://bit.ly/1iwWXvZ
10/21 Norfolk, VA – The Norva - http://bit.ly/UDn1KV
10/22 Raleigh, NC – The Ritz - http://bit.ly/TqraRh
10/23 – Chattanooga, TN / Track 29 - http://bit.ly/1r52I47
10/25 – Asheville, NC / The Orange Peel - http://bit.ly/1r52LNt
10/26 – Birmingham, AL / WorkPlay Theater - http://bit.ly/U4cxDC
10/27 – Tulsa, OK / Cain’s Ballroom - http://ticketf.ly/1k1lX9C
10/29 – Tucson, AZ / Rialto Theatre - http://ticketf.ly/1ow9opk
10/30 – Tempe, AZ / Marquee Theatre - http://bit.ly/1oLqBgc
11/2 – Los Angeles, CA / Club Nokia - http://bit.ly/1oHM6i8



Crashfaster have an amazing new EP out today called “Superchroma”. To celebrate I created this set of stereoscopic GIFs of the band in action. Most of these shots were taken during the band’s week long stay at Different Fur studios. All photos and glitches by me, Doc Pop, on my tiny little Lumix 3D cam.

Via Doc Pop's Tumblog

Thanks for an amazing CALIFORNIA EXTREME! (photo URIZEN)

Please look forward to our August events:
8/9 Stockton-Con w/ DJ COCO
8/12 Capitol Drive-In and Public MarketTMNT Movie" w/ GNARB00TS
8/13 Starlight Cinema in St. James Park “Gremlins" w/ PETRIFORM (Aug 13)

Huge pat on the back to 8bitsf on their five year chipversary!
Last Sunday’s ANAMANAGUCHI show was bananas~

Photo: La Vie En Photos — with Davain Martinez surfing


Star Wars Day celebration! May The Third be with you~

5/3 at Art Boutiki 44 Race Street in SanJose, CA - A Yawn Worth Yelling + Gnarboots + Matthew Joseph Payne + Cartoon Violence. $10 ($8 in costume) all ages 8pm. FB event. (indie, punk, chiptune)

Less than two weeks away from this 8bitsf party, snag tix:
4/17 Peelander-Z + crashfaster + GnarBoots. at DNA Lounge: http://www.8bitsf.com/

La Vie En Photos posted their rockagesj 3.0 coverage- three days of glorious photos/ video from Lester + Eiko: http://www.lavieenphotos.net/f563987351

THANK YOU for supporting ROCKAGE 3.0! Our appreciation via Zelda art by xadamdx.

Thanks to San Jose State University, San Jose State Event Services staff
SJSU Student Union, and super mega thanks to Diego Vazquez for making this all happen.

Sound/ stage team: Skylar, Dave, Jen, Danimal, Jeff, Knut, Travis
Stream team: Clipstream, Leah, Daniel, Hoodie/ Chiptunes = Win.
Console crew: Davain, Jay, Andrew, Beana, Shane, Zack, Yoshi, Gina, Big Al, Lionel, Paul.
PC peeps: Sergio and Spartan Star League
Walker task force: Walker, Alex, James,
Bit of everything: Jackie, Byron, Lea, Lauren, Robert, Dom, Emma, Lester, Eiko, Geoffrey, Krys, MC Bike Chain & Crew
Lounge Lizards: Jeff, Travis, Knut, Charlie,
Viz Wiz: The Box Brothers (Gary & Brandon), Gabe, MJP, Adam D
Catering: San Jose State Event Center Food Services, Joey Quail
Ace artists: Adam D created all of the rockage art. Gilbert, Jeff
DJs: DJ Coco, DJ Mr Smith, DJ Crashfaster, DJ Petriform, Clipstream
Devs: San Jose State Game Dev Club- James & John, Band Fuse, Magical Time Bean, SoftEgg, and others.
Panels: Lady Game Lyric, Mike, Spencer, The Megas, Gnarboots, Jeff, Charlie, Capt Dan, Erin, Nik, Tom, Jason, James, MegaRan, Matt, Morgan, Danimal, and everyone that attended our rockage 3.0 panel.
Table folks: Inky Jinx, GameShop, Zack’s Games, Silicon Valley Roller Girls, Fangamer, San Jose Downtown Association, City Of San Jose, Sal Pizarro, Michelle, San Jose Mercury News, Mario Paint Collective, Midnight City Games, Coco’s Maid Cafe, Museum Of Art & Digital Entertainment, KSCU, KSJS, Chiptunes = WIN, Eiko’s Balloons, Jody’s Face Painting, Cogswell College.

Special Thanks: MAGFest, Adam T. Davis, Bobby from KSJS, Rockage Linkshell, Ruby, Ruth & Joe Fanali, Activision, Lionel, Joey Quail, MJP, Morgan, Teri, Dom, Davain, Lea, James, John, Gabe, the 8BitLA/ Frequency crew, Geek Beat Radio, KFJC, 8Bitx Radio, Nate, Chris at Examiner.com, Jody at The Bay Bridged, South First Fridays, SubZero Festival, California Extreme, Frequency 3.0, CogsCon, Metro Newspapers, Aaron Carnes, Josh at San Jose Blog, John at PunkNews.org, The Minibosses, Ike’s, Christopher, Arnel, Amulya, Content Magazine, La Vic, Patxi’s Pizza, Taco Bravo (both of them), and to Super Soul Bros for performing FIVE sets.

Ultra thanks to all the bands that let us borrow their gear, anyone we forgot, and to everyone who purchased a ticket to rockage 3.0.

Thanks rockage 3.0 performers!
Curious Quail
Continuum Kingdom
Matthew Joseph Payne
Ghost & The City

Hawk Jones
Space Boyfriend
Slime Girls
Jean Baudin
Cartoon Violence
Picture Atlantic
The Albert Square
Mega Ran
Together We Are Robots
Cartoon Bar Fight
Danimal Cannon
Lady Game Lyric
Good Hustle
The Megas

Big Al The ENTJ
Super Soul Bros
Bit Brigade

Chip Treatment with Professor Oakes: Rockage 3.0 Recap

Awesome Rockage 3.0 recap by Leah Oakes~


Mario Paint Collective was at Rockage 3.0 in San Jose this last weekend. We held a Mario Paint workshop with five playable stations. Many random people sat down to explore their imagination with Mario Paint. Thanks everyone who contributed! We’ll be posting all of those creations over the next week!

It’s not over yet! rockagesj 3.01 tonight at Bottom Of TheHill 8bitsf
BIT BRIGADE + Danimal Cannon crashfaster + Mega Ran 9pm, all ages, $10~

Today is the final day of ROCKAGE 3.0 - doors open at noon - kids 12 & under = FREE!
DJ Coco spins at noon
Super Soul Bros (all request set) 2:30 pm
Cartoon Bar Fight 3:10
Danimal Cannon (Chip talk) 3:50
Lady Game Lyric 4:10
Good Hustle 4:30
Gnarb00ts (& friends) 5:10
The Megas
Super Soul Bros (Smash Bros set)
Bit Brigade (Mega Man 2) 7:00

ROCKAGE 3.0 LIVE MUSIC LINEUP streaming: http://clip-stream.net/cs/

crashfaster (DJ set) 3 PM
Petriform (DJ set) 4:00 
Curious Quail 7:00
Continuum Kingdom 7:40 
Matthew Joseph Payne 8:10
Ghost & The City
Super Soul Bros 9:30
Hawk Jones 10:20
Space Boyfriend 10:50
Slime Girls 11:15

DJ Mr Smith noon
Lady Game Lyric 1:30 pm
Boboso 2:00
Petriform 2:40
Jean Baudin 3:20
Cartoon Violence 4:00
Super Soul Bros  (EarthBound set) 4:40
Picture Atlantic 5:10
Danimal Cannon 6:00
The Albert Square 6:40
crashfaster 7:10
Porch (Todd Huth from Primus) 7:50
Mega Ran 8:20
Super Soul Bros (Mario Kart set) 9:10
Bit Brigade (The Legend Of Zelda) 9:40
Together We Are Robots 10:40
Gnarb00ts 11:10

DJ Coco noon
Super Soul Bros (all request set) 2:30 pm
Cartoon Bar Fight 3:10
Danimal Cannon (Chip talk) 3:50
Lady Game Lyric 4:10
Good Hustle 4:30
Gnarb00ts (& friends) 5:10
The Megas
Super Soul Bros (Smash Bros set)
Bit Brigade (Mega Man 2) 7:00


The Club got a sneak peek at the Mario Paint Collective Workshop at  last night. Come join Jeff Benson and Tom Bob Blender at the MPC workshop this Sunday at 1:30pm in the panel room!

PANIC PARK arcade game confirmed for Rockage 3.0 !!!  ONE MORE DAY TIL @rockagesj! Tix: http://bit.ly/1l7xFSW single day $20 at the door | $30 3-day pass Lineup: http://bit.ly/18Fi2tB 25+ bands/ DJsEvent info: http://on.fb.me/KlWThRHours: 2/7 3pm - midnight | 2/8 noon - midnight | 2/9 noon - 8pmParking: 10th Street Garage ($5) or street parking

PANIC PARK arcade game confirmed for Rockage 3.0 !!!  ONE MORE DAY TIL @rockagesj!

Tix: http://bit.ly/1l7xFSW single day $20 at the door | $30 3-day pass
Lineup: http://bit.ly/18Fi2tB 25+ bands/ DJs
Event info: http://on.fb.me/KlWThR
Hours: 2/7 3pm - midnight | 2/8 noon - midnight | 2/9 noon - 8pm
Parking: 10th Street Garage ($5) or street parking

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